Tips on Basic Care for Your Puppy
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All dogs can be housebroken if you are consistent in training them.  The two most popular techniques are crate training and paper training.  Crate training is preferred as it teaches direct housebreaking.  Paper training is used if you want your dog to continue relieving itself in the same place indoors.  Please contact us for more information on either of these techniques.

Three feedings per day, about a cup per feeding, is adequate for young puppies.  At around 6 months old cut back to two meals per day with 1-1/2 cup's per feeding.   Twice a day feedings is all they need when adulthood is reached.  I feed all of my adults a total of 3 cups each day, 1-1/2C in the am & 1-1/2C in the pm each.

Bathing & Grooming:  
You only need to bathe your puppy when it is dirty or smelly.  Too much bathing can remove the natural oils, making your puppy's coat & skin too dry.

Routine healthcare from an early age can prevent disease and prolong the life of your pup. Choose a veterinarian that you are comfortable with.  If you're unfamiliar with a vet then use word of mouth to start your search.